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Transportation Equipment Leasing

Transportation equipment leasing is readily available for both new and used equipment with many of the major leasing companies providing services all across Canada.

Equipment Leasing for business

To buy or to lease – that is the question. Many small business owners find this a hard one to answer. Read on as we explore how equipment leasing stacks up purchasing the equipment outright.

  • Purchasing equipment can require a significant chunk of working capital. This is one of the main reasons why the option to lease equipment exists. It allows businesses to obtain equipment with little upfront cost or investment.
  • If having the latest, state-of-the-art equipment is essential for your business, equipment leasing can be a good option. Depending on your arrangement, you may be able to lease as long as you want and upgrade equipment as needed.
  • Your balance sheet shows lease payments as expenses rather than long-term debt. As always, speak to your accountant about tax implications before making significant financial decisions.



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For transportation service companies, equipment leasing is the primary form of business financing available to owners and operators. In order to provide enough industry-wide financing for the large volume of trucks and trailers on the road today, there are several lease companies that focus primarily on funding these types of assets and still more lenders that will entertain more specialized transportation and service equipment.


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