We understand you have questions about your leasing and financing needs. We try to cover the topics as much as possible here. If you have further any questions which are not listed down here, call us or write to us. We will answer your questions in a best  possible way.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the leasing cost?

 Leasing is a very affordable option when it comes to equipment acquisitions. Your monthly payment is determined by the options you choose and can be tailored to fit your cash flow needs. If you want to know how leasing affects your bottom line when compared to other options.


whom do I contact during the lease term if I have any questions?

It is best if the vendor is your first point of contact. If they are unable to answer your questions you can contact us by phone or by e-mail.

How is the monthly payment calculated?

Monthly lease payments are determined based on a Lease Rate Factor: a periodic rental payment to a Lessor for the use of assets. The Lease Rate Factor multiplied by the Equipment Cost is equal to the amount of your monthly lease payment.

Can I still lease if my company is new?

Yes, pending credit approval and the completion of all required documentation. A security deposit may be required. Contact one of our expert lease advisors for complete details.

How much do I have to pay upfront?

A typical lease would require down payments of the first and last payments of the lease term up front. Other options are available upon request.

How the credit application proceed before I purchase the equipment?

We review the credit information supplied on your application. Following that, one of our leasing consultants will review the process and documents with you, and prepare the final documents. After carefully reading and reviewing them, you will sign, date and return the lease documents. At this point, the equipment will be shipped directly to you.

What will my interest rate be?

You will receive a loan offer with an interest rate based on the unique risk profile of your business. You may see a lower rate on traditional bank loans; however, we offer a much simpler and faster financing process and are cheaper than other alternative lenders.

Who owns leased equipment?

The Leasing Company, as the lessor, is the owner of leased equipment until you choose to purchase the equipment at end of a lease.

If I want end my lease early, can I do that?

If you choose to end the lease early, you may. It is a rare situation that would make terminating a lease during its term an advisable option. However, it is based on the balance of payments plus tax and any payment arrears. We attempt to maximize your options with equipment upgrade programs.

What if the equipment I receive has problems?

When your shipment arrives, you will be contacted to ensure that you receive exactly what you have ordered and in proper condition. After your initial receipt of the equipment, your vendor will work with you to troubleshoot problems or replace equipment as defined in your warranty. As the lessee, you will receive the benefits of all “buyer” warranties, as well as the responsibility for maintenance.

What effect does leasing have on my, the lessee’s, bank line of credit?

No money is borrowed when leasing, and as such, your bank line of credit is unaffected.

Will I be charged tax on my lease?

The applicable taxes are added to the monthly lease payment over the term of the lease.

If I currently have a loan, can I get more funding?

Yes, many customers get additional funding from us to fuel the growth of their business. You may qualify for more funding once a third of your current loan is paid down.

What can I use the loan for?

You can use your funding for anything you need to grow your business. Common reasons include purchasing new equipment, remodeling, relocating, investing in additional marketing, hiring staff, refinancing debt and simply helping the cash flow.

What my lease ends, what is the next step?

You can use your funding for anything you need to grow your business. Common reasons include purchasing new equipment, remodeling, relocating, investing in additional marketing, hiring staff, refinancing debt and simply helping the cash flow. Depending on the terms you choose, a lessee has an option of continuing to lease, purchasing the equipment, or returning it to the Leasing Company. Should you choose to purchase the equipment, the purchase price is determined by the Fair Market Value (FMV) of the used equipment. Another option is the $10.00 buyout whereby at end of the lease they pay just $10.00 to purchase the equipment. End of term options is decided by you and structured into the lease prior to execution.

What factors are used to determine credit worthiness?

The elements of your lease application, time in business if applicable, references from banks and trades. Personal and/or credit bureau ratings will be reviewed (specific to each lease request).

Do I still qualifty for a lease if I have had a bankruptcy.?

We are willing to consider companies that have been released from a bankruptcy. Since you will be viewed as a higher risk, you should expect to pay a higher rate and require additional guarantees.

I need a copy of my lease for my records. Who should I contact?

You can either contact your Punjab Sindh Finance lease advisor directly. We are more than happy to provide you with the documentation you require.

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