Equipment Refinancing

Refinancing is an effective way of negotiating your current financial terms and sorting out ways to make your payments work for your business. Refinancing your business assets, like equipment or fleet vehicles, is a critical practice for many organizations. This can mean beefing up your monthly premiums to reduce borrowing time, or increasing the term of your borrowing to result in lower monthly payments, effectively increasing your available working capital.

Refinancing your current equipment and machinery can facilitate much-needed capital to help your company during a growth period as well as offer leverage during a turnaround scenario.

We will also consider older equipment as well as specialized equipment other lending sources may be forced to pass on…
Whatever your situation…Punjab Sindh Finance will work with you.

Refinancing Benefits

Why business owners should choose refinancing


Ability to significantly lower interest rates


More money available for operating expenses


The additional cash flow


Meet obligatory monthly costs


Pave the way for increasing working capital


Utilize funds to expand fleet & grow your business


Spurring new initiative to pay off existing debt


Eliminate the possibility of increased payments


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